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Living like an Italian

Follow along and learn about la dolce far niente and how it inspires slow living and prioritizing what matters. Follow me as I balance wellness, travel, and mindset


Jillian is on a mission to inspire people live an Italian lifestyle and to travel and get out and experience the world. She wants people to live as the best versions of themselves through wellness, mindset, and la dolce vita.

Spritz Sunday is a blog on travel, wellness, and living your best life. Sunday is a day of leisure, food, family, relaxing, and the little things, or what the Italians call la dolce far niente. There’s nothing better than enjoying a spritz on a Sunday afternoon.

We’re on a mission to make every day Spritz Sunday; won’t you join us?

La Dolce Vita

Travel, wellness, and mindset help you live a balanced life.

Live La Dolce Vita

Follow along for travel, wellnees, and mindset tips. Live your best and most balanced life-la dolce vita!.