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Living like an Italian

Follow along and learn about la dolce far niente and how it inspires my mindest. Follow me as I balance wellness, travel, and mindset


I’m on a mission to inspire people live an Italian lifestyle and to travel and get out and experience the world. I want people to live as the best versions of themselves through wellness, mindset, and la dolce vita.

Spritz Sunday is a blog on travel, wellness, and living your best life. Sunday is a day of leisure, food, family, relaxing, and the little things, or what the Italians call la dolce far niente. There’s nothing better than enjoying a spritz on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m on a mission to make every day Spritz Sunday; won’t you join me?

La Dolce Vita

Travel, wellness, and mindset help you live a balanced life.

Live La Dolce Vita

Follow along for travel, wellnees, and mindset tips. Live your best and most balanced life-la dolce vita!.




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