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I’m Jillian, your go-to wellness expert with a love for travel! I’m here to help you live la dolce vita and be your best self!

I am an expert in wellness who loves to travel! I used to work a lot-the irony of grinding away as the owner/instructor of a Pilates and yoga studio. You know, that hustle culture that we look up to in our society—where being busy means you’re doing life right? That was me. I had multiple side hustles, and was always searching for “success”. I lived for vacations-time away from the hustle. It was this back and forth of work hard, play hard. Now I live every day like it’s Spritz Sunday, and I’m on a mission to show you that you can too! 

I was in the middle of trying to move and sell my business and house. My business fell out of escrow, my house fell out of escrow-2x. My mom got sick. It was a very hard time. And so of course, I burnt out!

And instead of doing the physical wellness work I was used to – yoga asana, lifting weights, running, eating kale…I decided to just focus on the inside work and let everything else in my life go. 

I spent time at the beach, went to therapy, ran with my pup, read more books on my couch in a few months than I had in years. I journaled every day, walked, was religious with my morning routine. I chose exercise that was soothing instead of the ones that were the most effective and burned the most calories. I spent quality time with my dogs at the park every day and took myself out for a glass of wine alone. I worked on my energy and hired a life coach. I went all in on ME.

That’s when my whole life started to fall into place. My mindset changed. I always knew how to manifest and had worked on personal development, but this was a complete reset. With this internal work I set boundaries in relationships that weren’t serving me, started manifesting my dreams, only said yes to things that felt right; and now I’m living my best life!

And what’s my best life? Spritz Sunday! Spritz Sunday is a day off where you get to relax with no to-dos. You get to connect with others, replenish, and nourish your soul. It’s about living an Italian inspired lifestyle. Spritz Sunday is slow living, mindfulness, and appreciating the smaller things in life. 

Now I live every day like it’s Spritz Sunday, and I’m on a mission to show you that you can too!

Spritz Sunday is a blog on travel, mindset, and wellness to encourage you to live your best life. Sunday is a day of leisure, food, family, relaxing, and the little things, or what the Italians call la dolce far niente. Living an Italian lifestyle will help you slow down and appreciate the little things in life. For me, there’s nothing better than enjoying a spritz on a Sunday afternoon. I’m on a mission to make every day Spritz Sunday; won’t you join me?


The best times in life are often when we are sitting at a café, on a patio sipping an espresso or a cocktail with family and friends. It’s a time to relax, connect, and enjoy life.


At the heart of the Italian lifestyle is a custom called passeggiata, a leisurely evening stroll. La passeggiata is a casual social event when people dress up and promenade around to gather with people or meet at different places. It can even end at the bar with an apertivo or a spritz. Join me on my sips, strolls, and stories!


This is a collection of my travels, thoughts, and memories. I hope that when reading about my adventures you’re inspired to go on some of your own.

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is an accomplished small business owner, entrepreneur, and a pilates and yoga instructor. While she used to spend most of her time working, she has changed directions to live an Italian inspired lifestyle. She loves slow living and lives a well balanced life, focusing on her passions of travel and wellness.

Spritz Sunday is about having the mindset to live a well rounded and happy life and living la dolce vita lifestyle.

I want to see you enjoying a spritz anywhere on the globe! Tag me and let’s make everyday SPRITZ SUNDAY!


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking..” -Nietzsche

Follow me on my sips, strolls, & stories


Whether it is your daily coffee ritual or a cocktail in the evening, take time to savor your sips.
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Take time for yourself daily.
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