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Why every BODY needs Pilates

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Every BODY can benefit from doing Pilates. It is the best well-rounded, low-intensity workout. Of course for optimum fitness, you need to strength train and do cardio, but everyone–at every fitness level–should add at least one day a week of Pilates to their exercise regimen. 

Jillian travel and wellness influencer demonstrating the pilates criss cross

Why? Because Pilates is the best exercise for the core, the powerhouse center of the body. The core, which includes the muscles on all sides of the torso that stabilize both the lower and upper body, also protects all the organs of your body, and most importantly your spine and spinal cord. 

When there is pain in the body, many times it is nerve pain stemming from the back. As we age and with injury, the most common advice physical therapists will tell you is to strengthen the muscles around the injured place. Pilates does just this, strengthens by assuring that all of the body’s muscles work together. 

Pilates is therefore one of the best exercises for rehabilitation and prevention of injury, as well as for enhancing overall performance. This means if you’re a professional athlete, you should do Pilates. This means if you are sedentary, you should do Pilates. It is the perfect complement to any workout routine. And it’s a good idea to begin NOW, to prevent any future injuries or pain.

jillian travel and wellness influencer demonstrating a yoga pose

Pilates is a great mind-body exercise. Mind-body exercises are those that have an inward focus. They have all the benefits of physical exercise, but also lots of mental health and wellness benefits too.

Pilates is for all ages. It is a well balanced workout–meaning that you’re working all the muscles in the body evenly so you’re not stronger in one muscle than the others. It can not only enhance any exercises you already do, but can also prevent future injuries. If you want to read 10 Benefits of Pilates click here.

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