7 Things to Do to Help Your Mental Health

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We all need to regularly and consciously work on our mental health by instilling positive habits into our daily lives.

Here are the top 7 things you can do every day to help improve your mental health.

1. Start your day with a morning routine

Morning rituals are my favorite way to set my day up for success. My morning ritual has some practices that are the same every day and some that change daily. Base your own routine on how you’re feeling that day. Routine is good for you. It helps you sleep better, reduces stress, and increases mental sharpness. Wanna grab my free morning routine guide that changed my life?

morning routine or ritual, step 1 of 7 Things to Do to Help Your Mental Health

2. Get moving

Even if you only have a few minutes, do some jumping jacks, half sun salutations, or take a brisk walk. Moving releases endorphins and helps relieve stress. Bonus points if you can get outside while you move and take in some fresh air. 

jillian, travel and wellness influencer exercising, 1 of 7 Things to Do to Help Your Mental Health

3. Connect with people

Reach out to your BFF or someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, or strike up a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop. Human connection is vital to our mental health, and with so much of our lives online and remote this can be something we forget to do. 

connect with people step 3 of 7 Things to Do to Help Your Mental Health

4. Breathe

Breath-work is very effective at regulating your nervous system. Cyclic breathing is shown to be better than meditation, according to recent Stanford studies. Cyclic breathing gives you something to focus on while also activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Click here to watch and learn an effective way to practice cyclic breathing.  

jillian travel and wellness influencer doing a breathing practice, 4 of 7 Things to Do to Help Your Mental Health

5. Learn something new

Learning helps you focus and gives you purpose. It helps boost your confidence and makes you feel good. People who actively learn live longer, experience less illness, and keep their minds sharp. 

learn something new 5 of 7 things to do to help your mental health

6. Say positive affirmations

Affirmations improve your mood and create your reality. Positive self talk improves your mindset and creates your reality. Affirmations should be spoken in the present tense. Saying them aloud to yourself in the mirror is powerful. This may seem strange if you haven’t done it before, but actually voicing them makes your affirmations impactful. Try standing in the mirror and saying your affirmation as you look yourself in the eyes.  If you want to learn more about positive affirmations, you have to read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay!

positive affirmations, 6 of 7 things to do to help your mental health

7. Complete a random act of kindness

Find a way to give back to your community, help someone in need, or do something for someone else. An example might be as simple as holding the door for someone. Giving back is proven to increase happiness.

act of kindness

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