Why You Need to Go Wine Tasting in Woodinville, Washington 

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If Seattle is on your summer travel agenda and you’re looking for a great destination, wine tasting in Woodinville, Washington is where you should go!

Just 30 minutes outside of downtown Seattle, you can drive or Uber to wine country and explore the best of Washington wines. Woodinville is the perfect girls’ trip or romantic getaway for any wine-lover.

grape vine in woodinville, washington

Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of wine, Woodinville offers a variety of experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences.

The walkability of Seattle and Woodinville make it appealing for a vacation spot since it’s easy to get around, especially in the summer when you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. If you have a friend who will agree to be a designated driver, it’s easy to drive from one spot to the next. Everything is close by and it’s also easy to Uber if need be. You can go up to Woodinville for the day from Seattle, or stay the weekend. 

Woodinville offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and accommodations. There are plenty of places to stay-hotels and airbnbs.

When you’re wine tasting in Woodinville, my favorite place to stay is Willow’s Lodge.

willows lodge in woodinville, washington
Willows Lodge

It’s walking distance from the center of town with tasting rooms, and it boasts upscale rooms, and a serene environment. The fireplace when you walk in is not only impressive, but hints at the oasis of your private room. There’s a garden outside, naturally, and the entire place is lushly decorated with paintings and sculpture. 

The wine district in Woodinville is particularly well-known for its production of high-quality red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. Many of the wineries in Woodinville offer tours and tastings, giving visitors the opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines and learn about the winemaking process. In addition to wine, Woodinville is also home to a number of craft breweries and distilleries, making it a perfect destination for foodies and drink enthusiasts.

wine tasting at Darby Wine in Woodinville, Washington

The best spot for wine tastings in Woodinville is the Hollywood District. It’s the most popular spot in town at the intersection of NE 145th and SR 202. Hollywood District is a walkable area with tasting rooms lined up next door to one another, making it easy to spend a large chunk of your day visiting many tasting rooms.. My top picks here are: Darby Winery, Mark Ryan Winery (please note this tasting room is expanding and moving to a larger space outside of the Hollywood District), and Purple Cafe

Another charming spot with tons of tasting rooms all next to one another is Woodincreek Village, a luxury apartment complex full of restaurants and wineries. You definitely need to come hungry and have lunch at Lifted Tacos and order the salsa of the day. The Woodincreek Village is home to Wine Alley, an alleyway of 7 tastings rooms set in a European style alley. It’s also the home to the Woodinville Wine Country and Visitor Center where you can stop in and get the best recommendations on all things Woodinville and wine.

woodincreek village in woodinville, washington

Off the beaten path and across from the very well-known winery Dellile is a lesser known winery Fidelitas. It’s absolutely one of my favorites for Woodinville wine! Fidelitas focuses on single grape varietals and bordeaux varieties. Their tasting room is massive and their upstairs deck is beautiful, with blankets for when it’s chilly, a fire pit, and views of greenery.  I love this tasting room so much–it’s one of my favorite wine clubs to be a member of. Fidelitas provides a unique point of view with their one varietal wine, and it’s a must visit when you’re in the area. This area is growing, and I have no doubt in a few years, it will be a very popular neighborhood in Woodinville. The Mark Ryan winery is expanding and moving from the Hollywood District to next door.

A trip to Woodinville for wine tasting isn’t complete without a stop at Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington’s founding winery.

Chateau Ste. Michelle is one of the most well-known wineries in Woodinville as well as the largest and most impressive. The winery offers a variety of tasting options, including a Classic Tasting, Reserve Tasting, and Single Vineyard Tasting. You can also take a tour of the winery and learn about both its history and the winemaking process–which is what I did on my first visit there. You can book a tour here. Prepare to fall in love, and also to join the wine club.

wine tasting in woodinville at Chateau Ste Michelle on the wine tour

Woodinville isn’t just great for wine tasting. If you want a change of pace with a cocktail, head to Von’s 1000 Spirits. Not only do they specialize in bespoke cocktails and use liquor from the local distillery, Northwest Spirits, but they also have a tasty menu, and they make sourdough in-house for pizza and pasta. Anything you order on the menu can’t be wrong. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you must stop into the local bake shop, Tarte by Heritage. Everything they make is divine. My favorite thing on the menu is any kind of croissant. It’s the perfect brunch pastry to get your palette ready for wine tasting! 

When planning a wine tasting in Woodinville, you can book your wine tastings in advance, or do walk-ins.

If there’s a special tour or reserve tasting that matters to you, make a reservation and plan the rest of your day around that, especially if you’re traveling over a holiday or in the summer. If you just want to try the basic wine flight, you can easily drop in. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in Woodinville. Now that you’re ready to plan your trip, click here to read Why You Should Join a Wine Club so that you can prepare which ones to sign up for on your trip. Cheers!

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