What is MINDSET?

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Mindset is an established set of attitudes or beliefs.

Mindset influences how you think, feel, and act. It determines your approach to the uncontrollable uncertainties in life. It determines your success.

It allows you to grow and shape your life. It allows you to see the journey and take any situation as an opportunity. Setting your mind up for success is crucial.

A good example of mindset is how businesses and educators quickly learned to adapt to the shut-down of the recent pandemic. Rather than bemoaning what they could no longer do, they pivoted to online business and online learning. This turned into a huge win for companies who were able to stay afloat and excel during the pandemic. It even became a positive long term change for many companies and employees on how they operate. Working from home probably wouldn’t have been as successful as it was without the positive push of companies and employees wanting to make their business and their job a success. 

Having a positive growth mindset is one of the keys to happiness.

Jillian in downtown Las Vegas | What is MINDSET?

Growth mindset is the ability to learn from your mistakes and understand that in order to get better at something or succeed it takes effort, time and patience.

Michael Jordan is a great example of someone with a growth mindset. He didn’t make his high school basketball team but then worked so hard he became the greatest basketball player of all time. Another good example is how businesses and educators, when discovering problems with working remotely, adapted to the situation by solving the problems they encountered.

Jillian in downtown Las Vegas | What is MINDSET?

Fixed mindset is thinking that you’re stuck and can’t learn and grow.

It’s thinking that things will always be the way they are and that you don’t have the skills to get out of the situation. 

I work on my mindset daily through reading, affirmations, journaling, and meditations. My favorite books for mindset are below:

To me, mindset is part of wellness.

Wellness has to be a priority in your life to be happy. Interested in learning more about wellness? Check out my post WELLNESS FIRST.

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