7 Tips for Manifesting Your Dream Life

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Are you geared up to start manifesting your dream life? Here are 7 powerful tips I’ve curated to help transform your aspirations into tangible realities. These strategies are all about aligning your thoughts and actions with the life you’ve always imagined for yourself. Manifesting your dream life isn’t just a daydream—it’s a completely attainable goal if you adopt the right mindset and approach!

It’s All About Energy 

The energy with which you do something is EVERYTHING.

If you’re looking to manifest your dream life, then you need to keep your energy positive and your vibes high.

The energy used to create your manifestations is just as important as the manifestations themselves. When you’re working on manifesting the life of your dreams, make sure that you check in with yourself and keep your energy positive, focusing on what you do have, not on what you don’t, and being grateful for your life. 

Sarcastic comments, jokes about you sucking, self-deprecating comments–all are not helping you. I had a friend who would say to herself every morning, “Today I’m going to win the lottery” as a way to speak it into existence. But when she talked about it, it was like it was a big joke. The energy you use to create something is powerful AND the most important part. So if you’re saying, “I’m going to win the lottery,” but you’re thinking, “Ha, I wish. Wouldn’t that be nice? That’s basically impossible!” Then guess what? You’re not going to win the lottery!  Even if you think these comments are just a joke, that energy is bringing you down. Sarcastic and self-deprecating comments are the easiest, quickest bad habits to break to help you when you’re manifesting. 

Take Action

Speaking of energy, you can’t just sit around journaling and visualizing, waiting to manifest. The Law of Action tells us that we need to DO something. That something can be a small step, but you have to take it. Manifestation is a process where you co-create with the universe. In order to co-create, you have to do your part. You need to take action. Action can be steps to put yourself out there, something courageous, something vulnerable. It’s about making progress. My favorite analogy for the Law of Action is that you can’t steer a parked car.

Get out and take action to manifest your dream life! 

Feel the Feelings Now

If you wait to feel the feelings you think your manifestation will bring you, manifesting your dream life is going to happen at a snail’s pace. Because, spoiler…your manifestation can’t make you feel anything. But you know what can? Your thoughts. Thoughts create feelings. So if you’re manifesting wealth because you think that once you have wealth, you’ll have freedom, then you need to practice feeling freedom now. 

How can you feel that feeling? Ask yourself, how do you already feel freedom in your life? What are you doing or thinking when you feel free? Use all of your senses and try to conjure that feeling NOW. How can you embody that feeling more? The clearer you can get about that feeling the easier it will be to manifest it. A great way to get in tune with your feelings around something is through journaling. All of these musings will lead you to your manifestation. 

If you don’t practice the feeling you desire now, spoiler, when you get your manifestation, you’re going to feel exactly the same. We think the grass is greener where our manifestation is, and it simply isn’t. Feeling that feeling now is one of the keys to manifesting the life of your dreams. 

crystals and candles being used in manifestation practice

Tune Inward

Don’t look outside yourself for your manifestation. It all comes from you. The answers to your dreams all come from within yourself. While asking advice from others may help you get more clear, it’s all about tuning inward and doing what you feel called to. 

Some of the best ways to tune inward and get clear on what you’re thinking and feeling can be journaling, meditating, visualizing, or working with a coach. It doesn’t matter how you tune inward. What does matter is that you make time to do it and make time to be with your higher self. Your higher self already knows your true dreams, and it’s going to help you get there, but you have to get really quiet to listen and figure out the roadmap. My favorite time to tune inward is during my morning routine because the magic of morning time is when you’re most in tune with your subconscious mind. Download my free morning rituals guide for a practical how to guide for your morning routine that will help you manifest your dream life. 

woman journaling

Focus on the Positive

We’ve all heard that we need to focus on what we do have and want–not what we don’t. You may have heard the saying, “what you appreciate appreciates.” This means that whatever you focus on grows. Because of this, you want to focus on the positive. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. But this doesn’t mean you have to be happy and perky all the time. You’re going to have negative emotions because you’re a human. However, you can have negative emotions sometimes and still focus on the positive in your life. 

This means you have to practice gratitude, celebrate the small stuff, and let go of where you want to be and appreciate where you’re at. Practicing gratitude consistently puts us in the glass-half-full kind of energy, which helps us manifest more. One way to practice gratitude is to celebrate. Celebrating is about appreciating what you do have. And you can celebrate anything–even the little things. Your celebration can be that you took a nice walk, spent time with your dog, followed your diet, got a manicure.

Focusing on the positive helps reprogram your brain to see the positive. It helps you become solution-oriented and better at solving problems. And most importantly, the more you focus on the positive in your life, the closer you’ll get to manifesting your dreams. If you’re looking for a resource on how to live life in the positive I highly recommend you read out The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan. Sullivan gives practical advice you can implement to make sure you’re always focusing on the positive and living in what he calls, “the gain”.

Look at Your Belief System

Universal laws teach us that what we think, we create. This means when we believe something to be true, then it is true for us. The most important and usually the trickiest part of manifesting is changing your beliefs. And while it’s usually the hardest part and may take a lot of time and practice, it is possible! 

One of the ways that I’ve built belief in my own life is step by step. This means that I take small steps daily towards my goal rather than believing new beliefs all at once. For example, I personally can’t imagine having millions of dollars. Of course I’d like to, but I can’t actually feel what that would feel like. But I can imagine what it would be like to randomly come into a thousand dollars, or to get a 10% raise, or to find a $100 bill in an old pair of jeans. So instead, I practice building my wealth with these smaller beliefs as I work my way up to having millions. 

Once you have a belief and it’s easy for you, you can start to imagine bigger…and bigger, expanding your beliefs. It’s these small steps that help you build up to manifesting your dream life. This is why I recommend starting small. It builds belief. And if you work on this belief regularly, in no time you’ll be able to build your capacity and increase the scope of that belief. 

You Have to Give to Receive

What you put out into the world comes back to you. The Law of Giving and Receiving teaches us that if we want to receive something, we first need to give it. Everything is energy, and energy needs to flow. To receive energy, you have to give some type of energy. So if you want love, you need to give love. How can you show more love to your friends, to a stranger, to someone in need?  If you’re looking for wealth, you need to spend more money. Can you tip $1 more than normal or donate $5 to a worthy cause?

When you’re manifesting your dream life, you can’t just think about yourself, but instead be sure to think of how you can give.

Because you need to give in order to receive, the more you can give of yourself to the universe, the more that will come back to you.

Manifesting your dream life may seem far away, but I promise you it’s closer than you think. Slowly implementing these 7 tips into your life will start to create change in you, and in turn your life. Through a bit of time and practice, you will manifest the life of your dreams. If you’re looking to learn more about manifestation, I highly recommend Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley. 

For me, taking care of myself and my wellness allows me to be the most powerful manifester that I can be. If you want to learn how to put your wellness first so that you can manifest your dream life, check out my Sunday Wellness Workshop. In just 45 minutes you’ll learn how to prioritize wellness in your daily life–which will in turn help you become a powerful manifester.

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